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Rear plow on 3 points of 8' EXTENSIBLE to 13'

Height: 36''


Built with quality steel and appropriate reinforcements, the rear plow is more efficient and robust.

It scrapes snow, dirt and gravel very well at high speed.


The scratch is synchronized, so a look to the right for example and it is not necessary to check if the left side is also closed.

Tous our springs are accessible, without the need for specialized tools, and our knives are reversible.


In addition, the scraper is modular: You can install it both at the front, or at the charger (loader), all in less than an hour.





R 8.0 - 13 - 36 REAR plow on 3 points

  • Available in STANDARD in YELLOW  with 1'' x 8'' durable and reversible steel or Polymer blades.

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