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Scraper for 6' 6'' LIGHT INDUSTRIAL loader EXTENSIBLE to 10'

  Height: 28''

WITH or WITHOUT swivel plate.


Built with quality steel and appropriate reinforcements, available with or without angle (V45 degrees), it can be installed on several pieces of equipment.


The light industrial loader plow is installed as much as possible to increase maneuverability.


The scraper is modular, without welding or cutting and it is possible to interchange the attachments (Quick attach) from one charger to another, quickly.


In addition, it is modular: You can install it at the front, at the back and at the loader, all in less than an hour.





L 6.5 - 10 - 28 Scraper for LIGHT INDUSTRIAL LOADER

  • Available in STANDARD in YELLOW  with 1'' x 8'' durable and reversible steel or Polymer blades.

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