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ANGLE scraper 10' EXTENSIBLE to 16'

Height: 36''


Constructed with quality steel and appropriate reinforcements, computer designed quick attach extendable plow and high precision assembly, very sturdy, can be installed with chain lift or pressure arm (OS).


Designed with a more aggressive angle of attack, the knife de-ices much more effectively, pushing and pulling, and gives a ground-razor effect.


This increases snow circulation when positioned at an angle and, in turn, increases ground pressure.


In addition, the scraper is modular: It is possible to modify the attachment.

* Nitrogen suspension suggested for this plow.

** A 12 volt selector must be installed when the tractor does not have 3 front oil outlets.







FA 10 - 16 - 36 ANGLE EXTENDABLE scraper

  • Available in STANDARD in YELLOW  with 1'' x 8'' durable and reversible steel or Polymer blades.

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